Solo instruments

A selection of a few of my works. My works are available on Sonolize, or contact me directly.

Character Pieces (2021)
For piano solo
Duration: 5′
In progress.

Kumokara (2021) (From the Clouds / 雲から)
For guitar solo
Duration: 6′

Sencha (2021) (Green Tea / 煎茶)
For piano solo
Duration: 6′

Bright Lights (2021): The Apotheosis of St. Catherine of Alexandria
For organ and soprano solo.
Dedicated to Ruud Huijbregts.
Duration: 15′
Commissioned by Stichting Muziek Nu.
Read the introduction. Purchase sheet music here.

Slender Rowan (2021) (Тонкая рябина / Tonkaya ryabina)
For piano solo
Duration: 2′
Score: Slender Rowan

Hoshi no kage ni (2021) (In the Shadow of the Stars / 星の影に)
For guitar solo.
Dedicated to Ekaterina Uvarova.
Duration: 7′
3rd prize at the 2nd international guitar composition competition ”The Time of the Guitar” Purchase here.

Kobucha (2020)
For piano solo.
Duration: 7′
Introduction: Kobucha. Purchase sheet music here.

Sublimity in a Panoramic Eternity (2020)
For organ solo.
Dedicated to Jelena Bazova.
Duration: 7′
Score: Sublimity in a Panoramic Eternity

Lamento della stella (2019)
For piano solo.
Dedicated to a lost friend (February 2019).
Score: Lamento della stella

Good Night (2018)
For piano solo.
Score: Good Night