Maurick Reuser is a pianist, composer and presenter from Tilburg, who is absorbed in Japanese culture and arts. Currently he investigates possibilities of the integration of Japanese music and culture into piano music. He works intensively as chamber musician and accompanist for singers and choirs as well. In his free time, Maurick loves learning Japanese, taking walks into nature and reading books.

According to his colleagues:

”Maurick has emerged as a versatile artist and musician, and he is a master of composition and accompaniment!”

Maurick currently studies in his first year of the Master of Music at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, while also doing a Bachelor of Public Administration at Tilburg University. Musically, he works on two related programs: West in East & East in West: Messiaen, Takemitsu and Others and The Not-Piano Piano: Actualizing Sound with an Unprepared Piano. The first deals with a musical representation of the differences, similarities and cross-cultural influences between Western and Japanese music, moulded into a traditional piano recital with personal introductions. The second program is an effort to incorporate Japanese aesthetics and artforms like the Japanese tea ceremony into a piano performance, resulting in a wholistic, multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory experience.

Last Summer, Maurick graduated for his Bachelor of Music with an 9.5/10, featuring his program Liberation!. This season, received the 3rd prize in the Princes Christina Composing Competition 2020, where he submitted one of his latest works called Memory Lane (2020), a trio for piano, clarinet and cello inspired on Japanese culture and aesthetics. Juror Vanessa Lann described Maurick’s Memory Lane (2020)as:

‘’Refreshing, reflective, nuanced, contrasting,  balanced and artisan. This mature work captivates musicians and audiences alike!’’

Over the years, Maurick developed a deep love for working with vocalists and choirs. This is why he wrote a song cycle Six Songs on Japanese Verse, combing both his loves into one project. Maurick is always closely in touch with singers and he always retains a formal position with a choir. He currently works with Cantiqua Klassiek. Over the last couple of years, he performed Rossini’s massive Petite Messe Solennelle on multiple occasions.

Lately, he participated in a performance of Mozart’s opera Bastien and Bastienne playing the harpsichord. As chamber musician, Maurick is active too: recently he has formed an ensemble rehearse Messian’s Quatuor pour la fin du temps.

Maurick had masterclasses with renowned pianists like Menahem Pressler and Boris Giltburg.

November 18th 2020. Contact me for up-to-date, smaller bios or translation.